Anneya Harps is a unique project, the result of team work of design bureau HD Interiors, classical harps production company Selena and Austrian company Swarovski. Together we were able to create the first in the world limited range of classical harps Anneya, decorated with tens of thousands of crystals. This unique piece of musical art and craft exists in the world in the number of only 10 exemplars. This extraordinary harp will become not only the favourite instrument and magnificent decoration of even the most luxurious interior, but also a diamond of any musical instruments collection.

Anneya is a Slavic goddess of ice and everlasting beauty. We have tried to embody this character in the harp’s design. We accept orders for production of classical exclusive harps using not only Swarovski crystals, but also diamonds, sapphires, rubies and any other precious stones as well as using silver gold and platinum.